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First Impressions



First Impressions

My print copy of Trim Healthy Mama is in the mail, but I realized last night that I could purchase a digital copy and read while I am waiting. The thought of only working off a digital copy for highlighting, underling, and scrolling for recipes was why I purchased paper copy (I opted for hardcover), but there was no reason why I could not purchase a digital copy to just “read” and get familiar with the whole concept.

I went and purchased the download directly from Trim Healthy Mama (they have a ton of different options). Then I had to go into my paypal email and find the email to download the ebook. Phew. I finally had the ebook loaded on the computer. Then I realized, that while it would be doable, it was not idea. I wanted to read on my tablet (Nexus 7).

So, I opened the email on my tablet and downloaded the PDF. Then my tablet says it cannot read it, but I know this is only because there is no default PDF reader and I have to go find one (I chose Adobe). Once I had that installed, I was able to get the PDF open and start reading.

I read thirty pages before I could not keep my eyes open any longer. The book is easy to read. It feels like the authors are talking directly to me. It is confirming things I already know and have learned over the years. I cannot wait to read more.

Are you reading Trim Healthy Mama?

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