Thinking Deep Thoughts Today

My heart is very heavy today. I have many other things that I want to write about (camping, spring cleaning, and our little urban garden to name a few), but the truth is, there are some things that I simply have to share.

What In The World Is Going On?

I am going to let you read and draw your own conclusions, but I am left scratching my head at the state of the world today…

Dancing Around The Blog World

I have been dancing around the blog world. Skimming and reading without leaving comments. I have visited old friends, discovered new inspiration and yes, I am going to come back and leave comments.

After coming back from winter camping and doing some deep thinking, I am working some things out in my heart (with my Lord) and some things out in my head (which is surprisingly clearer due to much rest time in the tent – aka – I am freezing and crawling under the mound of blankets to keep warm).

As I have flittered around from site to site, I saw posts about infertility, baby grief, deep faith, calls to change and make a difference, links to ministries I had never heard of, and people sharing their faith and their hearts. Vulnerable. Authentic. Inspiring.

Blogrolls Of Friends, Clients, And Deeply Inspiring Reads

I gathered links and made a blog roll of sorts (or 2 or 3) for my sidebar. Some of those links are to friends I want to make or find again, some are to clients, and some are brand new to me, but deeply inspiring none the less.

It’s Time To Do Something

I also made a list of missions and ministries to explore further because it’s high time we started doing something. Something more. Time is short as is very evident by the state of the world around us. I made the list, so I don’f forget, so I have somewhere to come back to, but also so I can pray. I can pray for each of those missions and ministries that is making a difference. I am not 100% sure at this time if all the ones listed there are Christian (I am working through investigating them for myself), but they all appear to be doing something and doing something is better than doing nothing..

We Have Too Much Stuff

My kids are always complaining that they have “no clothes” (have you heard that one before?), but when we packed for camping, each child had a least a week’s worth of perfectly decent and seasonally appropriate clothing. In my books this is MORE THAN ENOUGH. There are 7 people in this house and I don’t want to manage more than 49 pairs of pants (skirts or jumpers for Hosanna), shirts, underwear, socks, pyjamas or anything.

Deep thinking on my winter camping trip (more about the camping in another post or 2) led me to realize that we (as a family) have way more “STUFF” than we need or than I want to care for anymore. I have a project that I am working on (related to our home and our “STUFF”) and I will share when it is finished (give me a couple months), but for me it is already life changing.

Digging A Hole To China

I came away from our trip refreshed, but I am having a hard time focusing on work because the drain company started reno work on the drain in the basement and the roofers are coming soon.

They jackhammered the cement today, but they still have to dig a hole in the basement floor down to where the pipes are (anywhere from 1 foot to almost 6 feet), replace all the pipes, have it pass inspection, refill the hole, and finally cement it all back up. That should take place later this week or early next week.

The lack of a definitive schedule is making our life uncertain and causing our “special” kids to have a little extra anxiety.

About that other company that is here doing roof work, because they don’t have to enter our home or backyard they don’t have to give us notice. This means we have no idea when that will happen (to prepare a day away from the house for our noise sensitive ones). I have asked hubby to find out their timeline and respectfully ask them to give us some notice.

Pieces Of A Puzzle Coming Together

God is doing a deep work in my heart and I can’t explain it yet because it doesn’t all make sense, but I can see the pieces of the puzzle coming together. He has been lining up my life  and our life as a family, giving us skills and talents, and positioning us for such a time as this. I am really excited to watch what He is doing in our lives and I can’t wait to share with you.

My Word For This Year


Dream God sized dreams. (I will leave that for another post).

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