Looking Forward

I finally enrolled all the kids in our umbrella school for next year. This is our 8th year with them and fo us, it is the perfect mix of support, accountability, and resources.

So here is how the morning went.

I awoke to Zion crying because he wanted mayonaise on toast. This is “Pick Your Battles” day. I conceded as long as the mayonaise was a thin layer like butter.

The kids were mostly fed and sent upstairs to watch a movie in my room and they have been unusually quiet and well behaved so far except for a mini sensory meltdown from Elisha (the 13 year old with autism) over breakfast.

The drain people are still working on the basement so we are in limbo with almost a week’s worth of laundry including some icky throw up stuff from Sunday when the twins (Zion and Hosanna) had a brief bought with vomiting. I am so looking forward to catching up laundry. The drain has been repaired, the hole has been backfilled, and cement has been applied. We are waiting for the cement to dry (they said 2 hours) and the washer to be hooked up again.

I made it halfway through two different cups of coffee which is not nearly enough to get my day started, but the morning of Kim Walker on Grooveshark has really helped.

Jonah (He’s the Daddy) was on his computer with one of our clients, SourceFlix (check out their website), and I was enjoying the quiet and finally settling in to tackle those enrolment forms. (Yes, that is the correct spelling. I am Canadian and we use mostly British spelling. I did have to look it up though because it looked funny to me.)

This coming year the kids will “officially” be in grades 8, 7, 5, K and K. I was supposed to have the enrolling process done before the end of March, but we were getting ready for camping (which I still need to tell you about) and finishing up our rent review (which always causes me stress – same with taxes) and I simply ran out of time.

The enrolling process is easy, but not. It just requires filling out an online form for each child that is enrolling. I got all the way to the fourth (Zion) and fifth (Hosanna) children who are starting Kindergarten this year and realized that I could not find their medical cards. Not only could I not find their medical cards, but my wallet has hidden itself somewhere in the house too. Jonah remembers unpacking it after camping, but neither of us can remember the last time we actually saw it.

Thankfully I was able to enroll all the kids and then turn in the care cards as soon as I find or replace them. I was able to do almost of it online, but I still have to send in ONE piece of paper with a physical signature on it

  • I could mail it, but that would require an envelope and stamp (um… can’t even remember the last time I used those – so sad).
  • I could scan it and email it, but the all-in-one bit the dust after nearly 5 years of faithful service right before we went camping.
  • I could take a digital photo and send it by email, but that would require finding the camera, taking the picture, hooking up the cord, getting iphoto to play nice and let me have the photo to add to my email.
  • So, I opted for nicely asking my Mom to deliver the form to the office today and she agreed. Thanks Mom.

Can you please pray that I find my wallet soon? I know it was completely void of moola, but I would still like to avoid having to replace all my ID.

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