First Fishing Trip


A few days ago, Elisha came home all excited and asked me if he and Moses could go fishing with Grandpa and a family friend. We were told only two big boys could go, so Malachi was feeling a bit sad (but he will get his turn soon).

Elisha (13 with autism) has a bit of trouble with anxiety. He was excited about going fishing, but nervous at the same time. He had a bit (okay, a lot) of trouble settling for bed, which meant he had next to no sleep last night.

Well, going fishing in Sooke means that you need to get up at 4 am to get picked up at 5am to make it out there in time for the tides (I really have no clue what I am talking about – just repeating what I was told). Which also means that you need to set the iPod, the tablet, and have a wake up call from Grandpa. Moses was up first, with Elisha following behind, and daddy waking shortly after.

I woke up to hearing the door click downstairs and the phone missing from beside the bed (because Jonah wanted to let me sleep in, bless his heart). Grandpa had already come to get the boys and they were on their way. Back to sleep I went.

Nestled in bed between two squirmy, sweaty, sweeties, I fell back into a deep sleep. Jonah woke me at 8:30am asking me to enjoy a quiet, coffee-time with him. Quiet because the chatty one was out with Grandpa. It took me a good 30 minutes to fully wake up. Coffee was wonderful. Quiet was amazing. What a quiet morning we had.

After coffee, it was time to get to work.

The boys had great fun fishing. I am so glad we all endured a little discomfort getting them out the door. Before we knew it, they were back from fishing (and lunch at Montana’s), with a boatload of fish, and Grandpa came in and cleaned the fish and put it all away – fish fry for dinner, yum.

Since Malachi did not get to go fishing, Grandma took him out for the rest of the day. He loves to just hang with her and Grandpa. Apparently Grandma and Malachi did some shopping because they came home with some brightly colored shirts for Jonah, for his birthday.

Did I tell you yet that it was Jonah’s birthday? Well, it was. He had to get up early, but he got to enjoy a quiet morning to himself, then he got leftover birthday cake and chocolate bars (thanks to Malachi and Grandma), and then as he was cooking salmon and steaks (salmon steaks and beef steaks), he burned his arm (right in the bendy elbow part).

So, the day started with fishing, for the boys, and ended with a beautiful salmon dinner. The boys did great on their first fishing trip, especially considering there is no bathroom on the boat (who buys a boat without a bathroom?). My mom and I joked that the first thing we would look at would be the bathroom and then the color.

Here’s to new experiences and a mostly good day. And boys that are growing up. (too fast).