Zion’s Nose, School, Graphic Design, The Beehive, and a Blog Write Party!

It has been two weeks since Zion (3) injured his forehead and nose. I know I didn’t write about it on the blog and I have hardly spoken about it. I have to say that I am so thankful to God that things were not more serious than they were.

The short story is –

My husband was moving my Nana’s hurricane lamp when the heavy glass shade fell off and hit Zion on the head. It hit his forehead first, shattered and then nearly sliced his nose off. Two trips to the ER that night and the glue was finally holding.

We had three days of doing everything we could to keep Zion sitting still and doing nothing so the glue would not come undone again. It worked!

It has been almost 2 weeks and we have not been getting much sleep around here. The twins are both in our bed and working through some night terrors (I think due to the lamp incident). Let me just tell you, these kids (the twins) can sure hog the bed.

Zion’s glue and scab should be just about ready to fall off (the doctor said about 10 days and we are pushing 14) and I am curious to see what it looks like underneath.

Zion's Nose

One Room Schoolhouse

We have been trying to get back into the swing of home school, but the babes have been very cranky lately (maybe because they are not sleeping well?).



  • mini unit on fractions
  • watching Mathtacular videos (on Fractions)
  • measurement – area – perimeter


  • Invisikids videos (science experiments on video)
  • Our Planet Earth – Introduction To Life Science and Introduction To Geology


  • My parent’s are celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary this weekend. Jonah made a beautiful DVD movie of their life that will be displayed during the party tomorrow. We have been going over family history and looking at photos and naming relatives.


  • Copywork – Proverbs and other scriptures
  • Grammar Videos On YouTube
  • Journals
  • Introducing the kids to Blogging (more on this coming in the future)

Honeycomb Design Studio

Honeycomb Design Studio
We have been busy working with my graphic design clients and trying to catch up from the few days of lost work due to Zion’s injury. 

Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely love graphic design? I have really enjoyed meeting amazing bloggers and making new friends (Oh yeah, and creating awesome websites). I would love to help you with your blog/website if you are looking for a new look. Check out Honeycomb Design Studio.

The Beehive

beehive-150We have been creating a place for all of the downloads from Sunflower Schoolhouse  to live. Please take a moment to visit The Beehive. All of our free products have moved there. We will be adding more free products and we will also be adding some new paid products.

Blog Write Party
Blog Write Party

I finished my eBook – Blog Write Party! *update 2015 Not available

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What is included?

You will receive 2 PDF files in a zipped file (via email) immediately after purchase:

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