Valentine’s Day Sensory Play

Sensory Place

What follows is a list of some amazing sensory buckets and activities. All the posts have great pictures, so take some time to visit and plot some fun adventures for your children.

  1. Valentine’s Sensory Bucket
  2. Valentine Touchy Feely Hearts
  3. Baking Sensory Tub
  4. Valentine’s Day Sensory Box
  5. Valentine’s Sensory Bucket
  6. Valentine’s Day Sensory Bucket
  7. February Sensory Tub
  8. Valentine’s Day Sensory And Imagination Bin
  9. Sensory Heaven
  10. Valentine’s Day Sensory Tub
  11. Learning About Love, Valentine’s Sensory Bin, And Playdoh
  12. Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin
  13. February Sensory Tub
  14. Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

special needs

While these sensory play activities are good for any child, they are particularly useful for children with sensory issues or other special needs.

What sensory activities are you planning for Valentine’s Day? 

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