Summer Art Fun

Welcome to the Summer Bucket List series. I am joining together with an awesome group of bloggers and we are bringing you a collection of Summer Bucket Lists. I hope you will join us each day this week as we share our Summer Bucket Lists with you.

Summer Bucket List

My kids love art and we really don’t do enough of it during our school year (hopefully, that is changing), so I thought I would meet the needs of my art loving kids by

I recently finished a series on Organizing Your Homeschool Supplies and while I was organizing my supplies, I found this 22 year old book.

When I was looking through the book recently, I discovered some really interesting projects that were a little different than anything we had done before. Here are the top three art projects that I want us to complete before the summer is officially over.

1) Make Bread Dough

Bread Dough Clay Recipe

2) Melted Crayon Pictures

Wax Paper Crayon Art

3) Make Your Own Stickers

Lickable Stickers Recipe

More Art Ideas

  1. finger painting
  2. watercolor painting
  3. acrylic painting
  4. drawing
  5. pastel
  6. chalk
  7. charcoal
  8. play dough
  9. clay
  10. mixed media
  11. paper mache
  12. printmaking
  13. art journal
  14. lettering

Additional Homeschool Art Resources

Summer Art Fun Pinterest Board

If you are still looking for Summer Art Fun, please take a moment and check out my Summer Art Fun Pinterest Board.

Don’t Forget The Other Bucket Lists 

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And check back tomorrow for some more fun ideas.

What things do you want to finish before this summer is over?

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