Sports of the 2012 Summer Olympics


Do you have kids who like sports? Have they been following the Olympics with great interest? Did you know there are 26 different sports at the Olympics?  My favorite events so far have been the swimming and the gymnastics. What sports are your favorite to watch? Follow the links to learn more about each sport.

  1. Aquatics
  2. Archery
  3. Athletics
  4. Badminton
  5. Basketball
  6. Boxing
  7. Canoing
  8. Cycling RoadCycling Track
  9. Equestrian
  10. Fencing
  11. Field Hockey
  12. Football
  13. Gymnastics
  14. Handball
  15. Judo
  16. Modern Pentathlon
  17. Rowing 
  18. Sailing
  19. Shooting
  20. Table Tennis
  21. Taekwondo
  22. Tennis
  23. Triathlon
  24. Volleyball
  25. Weightlifting 
  26. Wrestling

Have you introduced your kids to all the different sports? Is PE a regular event in your homeschool? Who is in charge of PE?

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