Minimize Monday

Minimize Monday

I found this meme last week, but didn’t get my act together to actually put up a post. I did actually go through the laundry last week and get rid of a big black garbage bag of clothes to the thrift store.

This week, I went through my art supplies last week and was able to give my sister a decent supply of water color paper and huge bag full of water color tubes. She is working on some current projects and they came in really useful. I had an over abundance due to a generous freecyler whose mother had stopped painting (I love freecycle).

I was just thinking today that we need to do a declutter of the ENTIRE house again. We don’t buy much stuff, so I often wonder if it multiplies in the night when we aren’t looking.

I think this weekly declutter challenge is just what I need to get motivated and the time chunk is certainly manageable (and motivating).

I am linking up with Minimize Monday with Mommy Moment.

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