Meeting With Our O.T.


I just finished a planning meeting with our O.T. (Val). Did I mention she is fabulous?

Anyways… we were chatting about Elisha and the rest of the kidlets and how Jonah and I are doing school with them this year.

You know that site I told you about yesterday, Project: Home Learn? I am really excited about how it is working for the kids so far. With some tweaks and refining, it will be simply amazing for our family.

You can see my chicken scratches from the meeting in the image above. Yes, I am a doodler. I find it more productive and easier to stay engaged if I doodle in my notes. Do you doodle your notes?

Val had a ton of great ideas and suggestions to help me achieve my goals for Elisha this year. I am feeling more confident in my plans and I love how this year is shaping up.

The Plan

1. Work on specific life skills.
2. Break tasks down into small pieces and work backwards.
3. Have Elisha and his aid research tasks and come up with the best way to implement them.
4. Make time in our day for sensory breaks, fine motor, functional snacks, physical activity, and heavy work.

I have loads of great ideas and a place to start from when I am creating their lessons. I love it when a plan comes together.

What is working for you and your homeschool these days?

For reference – Elisha has autism and ADHD.

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