Meeting With Our Home Support Teacher


Have I mentioned that every other Friday is completely crazy busy for us? Well, it is. There, I said it.

Not only did I schedule a design client for this morning, but then we shuffled off the big kids to hang out with grandma ( at the iMax), but then we also had our O.T. meeting, followed by our teacher meeting.

I enjoy these meetings to discuss plans, strategies, progresses, and successes. They are invigorating and challenge my brain to think even more outside the box.

With the support teacher today, we discussed what plans Jonah and I had made and what curriculum we were going to be using (I still have not ordered anything yet).

It was interesting to look back and see the plans that I made earlier in the year and how they have changed. We definitely are going in a different direction then I thought we would when I was planning back in April.

I am really, really, really excited. Yes, that was three reallys. I am simply giddy with excitement at our plans for this year.

Noreen and I discussed the special projects that I’m creating for each of the boys. She thought it was a great idea to take something they are interested in and use it as a base for teaching them other things that they’re not really interested in.

The key things for me this year are focusing on God , keeping things simple, and having loads and loads of fun. Oh yeah, and recording our year…

Jonah and I always go back to the year we studied natives with the kids. It was the year we had the most fun. It was the year that everyone remembers. We still talk about sugar cube igloos, the cardboard canoes, and the hand weaving.

I can’t wait to share how this year unfolds for us.

What plans did you make for this year?

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