Daddy turns…

Yeah, I’m not going to tell you that.

Have a look at some of our favorite memories over the years:

I love my Jonah because . . .

  1. He leaves love notes on my computer.
  2. He is thoughtful.
  3. He is caring.
  4. He is very smart.
  5. He sought me out.
  6. He never gave up.
  7. He still pursues me.
  8. He is a great teacher.
  9. He is patient.
  10. He is kind.
  11. He is loving.
  12. He loves kids.
  13. He is sensitive.
  14. He loves to garden.
  15. He likes simplicity.
  16. He works hard.
  17. He is an excellent conversationalist.
  18. He is a deep thinker.
  19. He takes the kids on long walks.
  20. He has creative ideas.
  21. He is a great artist.
  22. He loves theatre.
  23. He loves music.
  24. He loves dancing.
  25. He tolerates my love of crime shows.
  26. He is becoming a great cook.
  27. He is a tech geek and he is turning me into one too.
  28. He is a wonderful father.
  29. He is long suffering.
  30. He is playful.
  31. He’s a great builder.
  32. He is strong.
  33. He has a deep faith.

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