An afternoon of planning


I snuck into my bedroom and scribbled some more chicken scratches and emptied my brain of homeschool planning ideas for this week.

Project: Home Learn is working wonderfully with the kids. I even had 2 kids ask me today if they could do school. Having kids want to do school on Saturday is wonderful. I’m excited that they have found something that they enjoy.

How do you plan your home school? Do you do chicken scratch scribbles on a piece of paper?

I have not been able to order my materials yet. There was a glitch in the system that our umbrella school uses for ordering and I can’t get into access it. Hopefully that will be solved soon, but in the meantime but I have more than enough materials in the house us to explore.

Have you ordered all the materials yet or do you still have bits and pieces to order? I would love to hear what you are using this year. Have you written a post about your curriculum? If you have leave me a link inside comments and I will come and read.

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