A Playground, A Huge Field, and Shish Kabobs

Off to Topaz Park we go . . .

We took our crew (9 children between the families) to Topaz Park to let them burn off some energy and have some fun.

Topaz Park

The little kids (and big kids) played at the playground.  

Topaz Park

New friendships were formed.

Topaz Park

The kids entertained themselves by rolling across a huge field. Elisha did the inch worm across the field.

Topaz Park

Some of us lounged on the grass, while the boys learned how to hit baseballs. We chatted. We laughed. We took pictures. We watched the baby.

Topaz Park

Then we came home and had shish kabobs, which consisted of chicken and veggies on a stick. It was yummy and enjoyed by all the Brown* people.

* Brown People – this is a running joke because our last name is Brown.

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