Working Our Workboxes

This year we are using our workboxes for our various subjects and it is working well. We are using Bob Jones for most of our subjects and we are loving it. It is way more work than we are used to, but the layout is good and it is nice to have a stopping and starting point each day. I like having a teacher’s manual with more information (than I could ever need) and all the answers for those days when my brain is feeling old and tired.

Most of the workboxes have:

  • at least one student workbook
  • a teacher’s manual
  • answer keys (for mama)
  • and any other pieces needed

The children grab the workboxes off the shelf and bring them to me. We work on our subject and then they replace the box on the shelf. We moved the workboxes up to a bookshelf in my bedroom and we do school sitting on my bed (one child at a time). It is nice one on one time. We were doing our work in the living room, but that meant keeping everyone else out of our main living space while we were doing school, which just wasn’t practical.

I am trying to help the kids to work more independently, but they all have their issues:

  • Elisha has ADHD and autism and needs help with staying focused and also with scribing (due to muscle fatigue during printing).
  • We suspect that Moses has dysgraphia, but we know for sure that he has trouble following directions (he reads them, but can’t remember them to execute them).
  • Malachi is not reading fluently yet so all of his instructions need to be read to him.

I have been thinking about including more fun back into our homeschool day. Does anyone have any great links or ideas?

How are you organizing your workboxes these days?

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2 thoughts on “Working Our Workboxes”

  1. Hi!

    My son has been diagnosed with dysgraphia, but he is learning to type and does that and a label maker quite well. We don’t have meltdowns with worksheets anymore because he either uses the labelmaker or types his answers prints them out and glues them to the page. So it’s motor skill therapy and getting answers in one.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I would never have considered a label maker or typing out answers, printing them, and gluing them. What incredible ideas! When I read your comment, it was like a light bulb (aha) moment for me. I am going to look into those other options instead of scribing because that would allow him to be more independent. Thank you so much.


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