Weekly Wrap Up – meme

Here is a small snippet of our last TWO weeks in point form.

  • I had tonsillitis last week.
  • Which was followed by strep throat this week.
  • Which still hasn’t healed and will require more medication, but we got snowed in, so I won’t get back to the clinic until Monday.
  • We have been decluttering the house again (do we ever stop?) and I will have some posts about that for you soon.
  • Our basement has a new window. (energy upgrades)
  • Our new hot water tank has a new air intake valve (aka big hole on the side of the house to let air in – now making the house very cold).
  • We had a day of yard work last week which was a good thing because…
  • We got a foot and a half of snow this week.
  • We moved all the homeschool workboxes up to the master bedroom because I have been doing the one on one lessons in there anyways (which has been working much better and may just end up being a blog post).
  • And finally my post was up at the homeschool classroom this week.

I am linking this post up with the weekly wrap up.

Weekly Wrap Up

What has been happening in your homeschool lately?