The Twins Turn 3

The twins turn 3 today! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. I have been flooded by so many memories as I look for pictures of Zion and Hosanna on my computer. 

Let me tell you a story. 

I remember my first appointment with the midwife. I had this thought that it might be twins, but then, I had that thought with every other pregnancy. Imagine my surprise when we saw two little peanuts on the very first ultrasound. Our whole world changed forever. I can still remember the shock on my mama's face when we told her we were having twins. And the shock on my dad's face and on my sister's face. 

Being pregnant with twins meant appointments with the midwife, the OB, and extra ultrasounds. Thankfully, this pregnancy was uneventful just like every other pregnancy. 

Despite a week of bed rest in the hospital at 34 weeks and the twins delivery at 35 weeks, they were born in perfect health and at a decent size (6lb 14oz and 4lb 14oz). They had and continue to have no major health issues whatsoever (besides allergies).

The first siz months are a blur and I hardly remember them. The last 3 years have been filled with lots of snuggles, hugs, kisses, and more breastfeeding that the last three kids combined, but we have survived the baby years and the toddler years. When I write their birthday post next year, I hope it will include the fact that they are toilet trained because we haven't tackled that yet. 

Daddy meeting the twins for the first time.

Daddy meeting the twins

Mommy meeting the twins for the first time.

Mommy Meeting The Twins

Going home from the hospital.

Going Home

Sharing a bassinet.

Sharing A Bed

Nap time on the living room floor.

Nap Time

Our garden that year. 


The rockers that saved our lives. When our arms were too tired to hold them anymore we rocked them to sleep.

The Rockers

All the kids together. 

All the kids

Still small enough for the one arm hold.

One Arm Hold

Mr. Spaghetti Man.


Blowing raspberries with dinner.


Going for walks went from this…

Going For Walks

to this…

Orange Stroller

I thank God everyday for all 5 of the precious children He has given to us. I will have some more photo collections to share with you over the next few days as we party and celebrate making it three years with twins. 

What is your favorite photo from this collection? 

What is your favorite memory of your own children? 

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