A Trip To The Museum

We took the whole family to the Royal BC Museum on Tuesday for the free science day, which was part of the Year of Science. We absolutely had a blast. 

First we stopped at the booth to pick up some passports to get stamped as we made our way through the exhibits. This was really exciting for the boys because it gave them something to focus on during our visit. They also received buttons, lanyards, apples, and the expectation of a prize if they completed their tasks. Talk about motivation. 

We went up the elevator to the second floor and when we walked off the elevator there was a neat booth about assistive technology for the disabled. There was also a very interesting 3D booth that the boys got to explore more towards the end of our visit. 

Emily Carr

I was really excited to be able to explore the Emily Carr Exhibit, but I only wish I had more time (like a date afternoon with Jonah, hint, hint). The boys were not too interested in the Emily Carr exhibit, but we were able to discuss her life and her paintings a little bit. There were many paintings about Emily Carr as well as paintings by her. Here are a few photos that we took of that exhibit. Pardon the quality as we were not allowed to use flash in the museum.

Emily Carr

Emily Carr

Emily Carr

Emily Carr

Behind The Scenes

The new exhibit really added a whole new dimension to the museum for our family. It also added at least an hours viewing time. We all really enjoyed the exhibit and it is something that could definitely use a series of trips to the museum with each one focused on a different aspect of the exhibit. Here are a few random pictures from the new exhibit. 


Bearded Dragon



Bald Eagle

wild animals



Wasps Nests




The Regular Museum Exhibits

The regular museum has remained relatively the same since I was a child and while we like it, we do find it kind of boring. Here are a few random pictures from the rest of the museum.

We did try to get some nice pictures of the boys, but due to the lack of lighting (and not being able to use a flash) and the excessive movement of the boys (what else is new), we didn't get many pictures worth sharing. 

Blurry Pictures

Blurry Pictures


Mommy and the twins

bald eagle


The View

Mommy and the twins

The 70's




Fish Cannery



Hudsons Bay Company

And last but not least (if you made it this far), a fun little video of the boys panning for gold. 


Thank you for joining us on our trip to the Royal BC Museum

If you want, you can connect with the Royal BC Museum on Twitter and the Year of Science on Twitter


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