Trimming The Tree

creating family memoriesIt is always my job to hand out the ornaments for the kids to hang on the tree. I love this job.

The kids searched high and low for places to put their ornaments onto the tree.

They asked why we had a fish bone ornament on our tree (because it came in the bucket of ornaments that we got this year and I thought it was neat).

They waited in line (for the most part) and they worked together.

They look at the ornaments with intesity.

And they plotted schemes against their mama with the mistletoe. Do you see it in Elisha’s hand?

 And look at the smirk on his face. That was right before I was crowned with the mistletoe (no picture of that, thankfully).

We can’t forget Grandma, those are her fingers. She is putting hooks on the ornaments that were missing them.

We piled on the decorations.

We stared in child-like wonder as only 3 year old eyes can.

And we piled on more ornaments.

We put on the crochet chains and tied on the bows. We tried, even when we didn’t know how.

And we filled the tree to over flowing.

We hung the Happy Birthday sign (this is our first year, it came in the box of ornaments).

 We smiled big for the camera.

 We picked up the ornaments that fell off the tree (already…).

  We pushed the tree back into the corner (to keep kids from going behind it)

Then we had a late dinner and sent everyone to bed.

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