Top Ten Ways The iPad Has Changed Our Homeschooling

As most of my regular readers know, our oldest son has autism. A few months ago my husband and I came across an article that discussed how the iPad was having an impact on a family that was affected with autism. We researched the iPad and how it was impacting families and then we spent several hours looking through the iTunes store at all the apps.

We chose to spend some of our special needs funding for this year and go out on a limb and purchase an iPad for our family. We have had it for 5 days and it is changing the dynamics of our homeschool.

Here are just some of the ways that it is being used:

  1. During math, Elisha was able to write out math problems using a drawing program and his finger and then write the answer into his workbook. The work went significantly faster.
  2. Moses was able to draw out math problems, using the same drawing program,  with his finger tips. He was able to get through more of his work in one sitting.
  3. Elisha was able to write a simple and focused report in Pages.
  4. We used the iPad to play a quick game when we transitioned between subjects. We were able to find some great two player games that I played with the kids when they finished their subjects -chess, checkers, boggle, hockey, and connect 4.
  5. The iPad was a perfect transition tool to help us move from child to child.
  6. The iPad is a great tool for me to hand the kids if  I need to step away and tend to another child, or answer the phone (or the door).
  7. I have had the kids begging to do school because they get to use the iPad.
  8. Moses and I used the Blue Letter Bible on the iPad to quickly flip from scripture to  scripture and we were able to highlight the passages that we were reading which helped the text to stand out on the page.
  9. The iPad is the perfect way to practice spelling words (again in the drawing program) using finger writing.
  10. The iPad is fast, lightweight, compact, and quick to use.
  11. And a bonus for mama – I can check twitter, facebook, emails, and write blog posts while the kids are working beside me and switch between those apps and anything the kids need the iPad for in as quick as two clicks.

I am linking up with Top Ten Tuesday.

Disclosure: We purchased the iPad using our special needs school funding and we were not required to write a review.