Top Ten Things On My To Do List

I have a lot of things on my mind right now and so many “other” posts that I want to be writing. In the interest of making my blogging help me accomplish my goals in my life, I thought I would share just a few of the things on my current to do list.

1. I need to plan Moses’ 10th birthday that is coming up in 8 short days. This will be my second child entering into the double digits. Wow, where does the time go? Between now and the middle of August we have 6 birthdays and our 12th anniversary. Do you have any special days this summer? 

2. I need to review my curriculum list for this year one more time before I actually place my order. That task shouldn’t be too hard because I have it all neatly listed on the Curriculum 2011-2012 page. Have you written your curriculum list for next year yet? 

3. I need to actually place my orders for my curriculum. This can be a bit involved and time consuming considering we are ordering from a few different sources this year. Have you checked out my Long List Of Homeschool Catalogs? Where do you order your homeschool materials from? 

4. I need to get all my ducks in a row for the IEP meeting next week. I have good news though! I have reviewed the IEP from last year and I don’t see anything that needs to be changed at all. What extra planning do you need to do for your special needs kids? 

5. I need to review my special needs order for this year. I am pretty sure that I know what I am ordering for this year (after my amazing consult with our OT), but I need to take the chicken scratches and turn them into a presentable list. What things are you ordering specifically for your special needs child this year? 

6. I need to actually place my special needs order for this year. This task shouldn’t be too hard because I am only ordering from a couple of places this year. I love it when I can find most things in one place. Have you seen this list of Special Needs Resources? What is your favorite place to order your special needs supplies from? 

7. I want to set up a visual schedule and start implementing it during the rest of the summer. I have actually started working on this and I can’t wait to take some pictures and share it with you. What kind of schedule (or planner) do you use for yourself or with your children?

8. I need to rearrange the school cabinets and get everything organized for this year. The school cabinets are a bit of a mess because we did some house rearranging. I will spare you the details of the house rearranging for now, but let’s just say I have 4 cabinets and 2 bookshelf units to purge before we start school again. That amounts to about 26 shelves to go through in order to get all ready for school again. What rearranging do you need to do in order to get ready for school this year?

9. I need to modify our current workbox system to work with our materials and setup for this year. I have some ideas about how I want to modify our system for this year, but I am having a look around at what others are doing to see if I can build on those ideas. I am checking out the ladies on the Workbox Blogroll (which needs to be updated again), I am frequenting the Workbox Yahoogroups (scroll to the very bottom of the page), and I created a Workbox Systems Board on Pinterest.  Are you using workboxes in your homeschool this year?

10. I need to create a specific plan for the twins for home preschooling that incorporates workboxes for them. There are tons of awesome ideas out there and I can’t wait to use them, but what I need to do first is come up with a preschool plan. I need to come up with the plan AND get everything all ready before school starts in September. Do you have preschoolers in your homeschool this year? What are your favorite resources for this age group? 

oh yeah, and I need to finish my taxes…

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