Top Ten Things I Say To My Kids Almost Everyday

Do you ever stop and think about all the things that you say to your kids everyday? I was thinking about this yesterday and these are some of the things I could come up with.  

  1. don't bug your brother
  2. don't take toys away from him (or her)
  3. use quiet feet – no running
  4. stop standing on the couch
  5. wash your face, wash your hands
  6. change your shirt
  7. don't lick your plate
  8. no you cannot go on the computer (the ipad, the xbox, or any other electronic device) until your school work is done
  9. please don't mess up my bed (if you watch tv in my room)
  10. I need another coffee

What things do you say to your kids everyday? 

I am linking to Top Ten Tuesday

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