Top 10 Ideas For Stretching Your Large Family Food Dollars

  1. Plan. Prepare a menu and a detailed grocery list.
  2. Do a big grocery shop once a month.
  3. Shop at a warehouse store or do your price comparisons at other stores very carefully (using fliers or the store websites).
  4. Compare the costs of the sizes you are buying. Going up another size can often save you TONS of money.
  5. Buy bulk quantities of fruits and veggies when it is a better deal. Compare fresh, frozen and canned as options for fruits and veggies.
  6. Buy bulk sizes of sandwich meats and divide them into meal size portions and freeze in Ziploc bags. We buy a large block of ham or salami for under $10
  7. Buy large cuts of roasts (pork or beef) and cook them all at once and freeze in meal size portions for stews and soups.
  8. Buy bigger sizes of sour cream and margarine to save money.
  9. Buy any treats or snack foods in bulk and plan them out for the month.
  10. Bag up leftover veggies, meats, sauces and gravies to use in soups and stews. We also buy the precooked chickens and take all the meat off the bones and freeze the bones for soup.

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