Sweet Finds Saturday

Sweet Finds Saturday

I have enjoyed sharing my sweet finds with you over the last little bit. I come across so many wonderful things in my travels around the blogosphere that sweet finds lends itself nicely to a weekly post. I am not making any promises about how long I will do this, but I thought I would try out Sweet Finds Saturday and see how that goes.

Here are my Sweet Finds for this week:

  1. I love the on nature sketches on this site and journal pages on this site. They are so inspiring.
  2. I absolutely love the creativity on this site.
  3. This post about organizing toys was amazing.
  4. I found this great new site with loads of creative ideas. Check out this oatmeal breakfast bar. I love this idea.
  5. This wall full of framed children’s art is such a cool idea too.

What Sweet Finds have you found this week?

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