Space Launch

He tried fervently one day to tell us of his latest concept for an animation. You can see his head swarming as it is misfiring. Frustrated with not being able to get his words out we were able to calm him down.

It was a simple idea. “I want a rocket to launch into space and *swoosh* come back down.” I (Jonah) figured that wasn’t to hard to animate. I commissioned him to create the drawings to be used. Okay, that was setting myself up for a disaster. He went to our little computer lab in the basement to get to work.

I resumed my coffee time with Honey. A daily event, that I insist has to happen. A happy marriage is one where husband and wife have at least one coffee, we try for two, together.

He got frustrated because the wings were not working out. This resulted in an outburst.

With Autism this means the brain is completely overwhelmed and it is time to cool down. We are no strangers to this. I made haste and saved the remains of the rocket ship before it got erased.

This is the picture he made:


He didn’t want to draw anymore. So I offered to create it for him. He guided me through what he was seeing in his mind and we finished it together.  Here is his animation. It is amazing.

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