Our Summer Bucket List

I started out writing this post on Tuesday, but I was interrupted so many times I accidentally deleted the post and had to start all over. I tried all day today to write the post, but in the end I spent the evening taking pictures of the kids doing #3. It was a blast. Pictures to come in another post. Here is our summer bucket list. 

  1. Get soaking wet at the waterpark in our complex.
  2. Run through the sprinkler in our front yard. 
  3. Fill a kiddie pool with water and bubbles, and have loads of fun. 
  4. Visit Beacon Hill Park and go to the petting farm. 
  5. Go to Willows Beach and enjoy a day of park playing, sandcastle building, and water splashing.
  6. Make frozen juice pops using juice, paper cups, and plastic spoons. 
  7. Make cookies with the kids. Find a yummy cookie recipe with no eggs or dairy. 
  8. Play with a giant ice block filled with toys on a hot summer day. 
  9. Play with sidewalk chalk and bubbles in the backyard. 
  10. Join the Bucket Link List Party on Saturdays.

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I am linking up with Top Ten Tuesday even if I am a wee bit late. 

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