Our Favorite iPad Apps

The iPad is a recent addition to our homeschooling family. I wrote (HERE) about how the iPad is changing our homeschooling. I had several requests for information about the iPad Apps that we use. So, here you have it.

These are just a few of the iPad Apps that we use for quick transition:

  1. pocket ants
  2. pocket pond
  3. plasma globe
  4. splatter
  5. i love fireworks
  6. fluidity
  7. awesome
  8. art of glow
  9. sky write
  10. talking roby
  11. sound drop
  12. pottery hd lite
  13. bubble snap
  14. doodle bright

These are the single player iPad Apps that the kids can play on their own:

  1. boggle
  2. rocket math
  3. spelling word search
  4. puzzle jewels
  5. uno
  6. solitaire
  7. rush hour free
  8. tapnpop hd
  9. zentomino
  10. uconnect
  11. jar of marbles
  12. shanghai lite
  13. mancala fs5
  14. creationary

These are some of the 2 player Apps that we use for transitions between subjects and students in our homeschool:

  1. spellstacker
  2. checkers
  3. moo free
  4. air hockey
  5. chess free
  6. four in a row
  7. hangman

Here are some of the iPad Apps that we use specifically for educational reasons (as well as for fun):

  1. ibooks
  2. pages
  3. numbers
  4. starwalk
  5. magnetic alphabet This is excellent and easy to use for phonics and spelling.
  6. drawing pad This is the program that we use for writing out our work without pencils.
  7. art studio

And what list would be complete without a few iPad Apps For Mom?

  1. netflix
  2. wordpress
  3. twitter
  4. facebook

I am linking this post up to Hip Homeschool Hop.

Disclosure: The iPad Apps listed here are ones that we purchased (if there was a charge) and actually use. We were not compensated in anyway for this post. We just love our iPad.

Reviews: If you have an iPad App (or other product) that you would like us to consider reviewing, please drop us a note through our contact page.

7 thoughts on “Our Favorite iPad Apps”

  1. I am recent fan of the iPod Touch. I made a list of some of these to look up for the Touch!! Thanks! We LOVE it for school apps!!

    Came over from the Hop…better late than never! :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’ve just recently entered the world of iPod Touch and have been looking for educational as well as fun stuff for my 8yo to use on the touch while we’re driving or waiting around. There is just so much to choose from!

  3. It’s really great that homeschool teachers no longer have to be experts in all subjects with the aid of these sorts of educational apps, and it seems like the list of subjects (created by experts in the specific subject manner) is continually expanding. However, another thing to consider when using your iPad as a “workbook substitute” within the homeschool environment, is providing proper protection for the device. One inexpensive, alternative to the traditional case, are iBallz (www.iballz.info), which attach to the unit, and protect it while it is in use, and while it is being transported. As is, the iPad is not as durable as the traditional workbook, but it can be if you take the proper precautions! Hope that you continue to find additional apps that interest and stimulate your children, making learning into a fun process that they will embrace for the rest of their lives.

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