No Excuses Week 5

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This week was really hard for me. I have been dealing with severe knee pain, again.  

I have been in tears several times, wondering how I got to this place and how I can get myself out.


I am pushing forward. 

I have walked at least 8 miles this week (mostly using this video of Leslie Sansone's Beginner Walk) and pushed through the pain as much as possible, but I have also been looking for alternatives to the walking to give my knee a chance to rest.

I complained to my friend Jenn on twitter that I was in too much pain to keep walking. She suggested this video In Bed Exercises To Aid With Walking and I think it will be a great addition to my walking. (Thank you, Jenn!). I have been trying to do these simple stretches several times per day. 

In order for me NOT to let the pain become an EXCUSE, I have to find things that I can do that won't affect my knee.

While I have been pushing through the knee pain, I can't help but wonder if rest will help more than continual use? 

My main project for this week:

Coming up with a program that I can do even if I am having a bad knee pain day (in other words, I won't have to use my knee). I will be resting my knee for a couple of days and figuring out an alternative program until I see some improvement in the pain level. I tend to get really cranky when I am in pain. 

What roadblocks are you hitting and how are you pushing through them?


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