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No Excuses

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Thank you for joining me again for my weekly "No Excuses" post. I apologize for being late this week, but my day got away from me yesterday. I am going to keep this post short or it won't get written today.


I made a choice not to walk this week in order to give my knee a chance to heal. It has made a big difference.

I also found some simple upper body exercises to do. I have a series of 5 simple arm exercises that I do using a can (I use a mushroom can because Moses is allergic to mushrooms and we don't eat them). I will share more about this later.


Walking: I am going to start at the very beginning again and walk with the 5 minute videos once a day. You can try one of them if you like. Leslie Sansone 5 Minute Walk

Upper Body Exercises: Soup Can Exercises (mentioned above).

Water: I am working on making a fun water chart to help me keep accurate track of the water that I am drinking everyday. I will post a link right here when I have it ready to share with you.


Did you see that No Excuses graphic at the top of this post? That is actuall an 8.5×11 inch No Excuses Poster listed in the Sunflower Schoolhouse Etsy store right now. I would love to give you a free copy if you would write a simple post on your blog telling what you are doing to get healthy (including a link back to this post). 

Other Mama's Who Are Working On Their Health

I am not giving up.

There are No Excuses, only solutions.

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