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It is time for another “no excuses” post.

I have been struggling with some issues over the past few weeks and have not been sure how to address them here, so I am just going to dive right in.

My knee has been really bothering me. Okay, the pain has been horrible. I did my monthly grocery shop last week and later on that day I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk (even around the house). I pulled the crutches out of the basement, which I got about 4 years ago for some injury (I don’t even remember what it was. I have been using the crutches off and on since the grocery shopping day. They have really helped me with my range of motion as I tend to walk more normally and less gimpy when I am using them.

So, I haven’t been doing my walking videos, I am very discouraged, and the weeks keep racing by before I can catch them.

Last week I worked on the makings of an exercise binder (and only now remembered) but I didn’t print it because we ran out of ink. We bought ink and paper (so I can finish the taxes) and now I have no excuse for printing up the binder and actually use it. Oh, and our accountant is coming tomorrow morning to do our taxes (there is some light at the end of the tunnel of my to do list).

I did make a choice before we planned our grocery shopping this month. I made the decision to go on a low carb diet. On this program I have lost significant weight before. My thinking was that I need to lose some weight before I can start working on my weight. I committed myself to one month, so it would not feel like forever.

It is going to be an interesting month because I picked the month with 6 birthdays and our 12th wedding anniversaries. I did step off the program for one birthday meal and I don’t regret it. I made a decision, it was not an impulsive act. I don’t plan to step off for all of them and I hope to put more effort into planning the meals so it isn’t necessary.

I still need to work on drinking more water, which I still hate because I have to climb the stairs to get to the bathroom and that hurts.

I have had moments of being really discouraged because I am finally making the decision to change and deep inside I fear that it may be too late. All I can do is push as hard as I can through every excuse and see where it gets me to. Which I hope is a healthier, much lighter me.

I will admit that I have been avoiding the blogs where my blogging mama’s are having success and making progress because I so want to be in that place too.

Hopefully I will have a more encouraging post to write soon (next week?), but I am keeping things honest and real.

So, how are you doing? 

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