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I am going to try something new this week and see how it works. I am actually starting this post on the evening of Thursday June 16.

I am curious how it will feel to write a little bit of my thoughts (challenges, struggles, successes) each day. I am wondering if knowing that I need to be accountable to myself (and to you) at the end of each day will push me harder to reach my goals.

Thursday, June 16 (PM)

We had our excitement for the evening. If you haven't read, you can read here.

We finally got all the kids settled for bed.

I was settling in to get some graphic design work completed when I decided that I really needed to push through and do that second walk today (going the extra mile).

Hosanna was sound asleep on my bed. Jonah was working on his computer and listening to music with headphones on. I was watching Cupcake Wars on television.

My Excuses:

  • I am tired
  • I hurt
  • it's too late

I made a choice. No excuses.

I muted the television and put my exercise video on the laptop. Guess what? That mile went by so fast I hardly didn't even notice that I had walked it. Yippee!

I think the hardest part for me is stopping to take the time to identify the excuses and then taking charge and eliminating them.

Sure, it would be easier to wind down and make some progress on portfolios and my graphic design work, but I am done with taking the easy road. I am doing hard things. And making time for taking care of myself. 

If I always do what I have always done, I will always get what I always got.

I am really happy that I met my goal of walking two miles today.

Friday, June 17 (AM)

The kids woke up more perky today than they have been in over a week, all except Moses. He has a tummy ache, but I am not sure if it is because of the flu or the excitement of last night.

I had two appointments for today that I canceled due to sickness because I didn't know if any little people would still be holding tightly to buckets or running to the throne room. There is just no way to know with this flu bug because it has been so unpredictable.

Since the kids were perky and the weather was half decent, Jonah decided to take them all (except Moses) for a short walk. Moses was feeling a little queasy still so he opted to hang at home. 

The house is so quiet when they all go out. It is almost hard to think. I was settling in to work on projects when I realized that I had not done my walking yet. 

My Excuses

  1. My knee hurts.
  2. I don't want to.
  3. I have work to do. 

Well, my knee will either still hurt when I am done, or it will feel better. Yesterday it felt better. It did today too. 

Who cares if you don't want to walk! You have a goal, a dream, a destination. Get your behind up and get moving. 

There will always be work to do. There will always be "something" more important. Or at least something I think is more important. 


I fought through those excuses and I put on the video from Leslie's website again and walked my mile. The only part that I find really hard (with my knee) are the kickbacks, but I pushed through it. 

So, there is my first mile of today. I still need to fit one more in before bed tonight. 

Friday, June 17 (PM)

My night slipped quickly away from me. Here is how it went:

  • first we had supper
  • then Zion fell asleep while nursing
  • then Hosanna nursed and wouldn't go to sleep
  • the middle boys went to bed
  • Hosanna finally settled
  • Elisha wanted a snack
  • Moses threw up
  • Elisha fell asleep
  • the twins woke up to nurse
  • Zion went back to his bed
  • Hosanna freaked and wouldn't sleep in her bed
  • Hosanna nursed again and then she went to sleep in our bed
  • Jonah went to bed

I really wanted to do my last walk tonight. Before Jonah went to sleep, I asked if he would mind if I quietly walked in our room. He told me it was fine. Once he is asleep, he sleeps really deep (I wish I could say the same for myself). 

So, all of those things above could have been excuses because there is no perfect time.

I know that it is not going to be easy,

but it is going to be worth it. 

Figuring out how to work around the challenges (and possible excuses) of my everyday life and really push forward and do what needs to be done is new for me. I tend to be a bit of a wimp, I avoid things that cause stress. This was a coping mechanism we developed to learn how to deal with Elisha's autism. If something is stressful, we simply avoid it (like crowds, difficult things, etc). 

Truth be told, when I walked tonight, it was after 1 am, but I still did it before I went to bed. My knees hurt and I really didn't want to walk, but I did and I am really proud of myself. 

Saturday, June 18 (PM)

Today was one of those days.

  • I woke up achy. 
  • I woke up cranky.
  • Coffee time with Jonah was a bust (filled with constant interruptions).
  • Afternoon nap was short lived.
  • My parents came for dinner, which was absolutely fun because they have been staying away due to the flu at our house.
  • The kids played outside.
  • I sat. It was quiet and I wanted to enjoy that.
  • The twins nursed and went to bed but didn't sleep.
  • The big kids went to bed and went to sleep.
  • I nursed the twins again.
  • This time they went to bed.
  • Jonah sat with Hosanna until she went to sleep. This lovely transition from sickness to wellness includes sleeping in her own bed again and not ours.
  • While he sat with her, I put on my video and walked (it's after 10 pm). 

I am happy that I got one walk in even on a hard day. 

Sunday, June 19 (PM part one)

I was really tired today. This morning started too early with cranky twins. The twins and I had a nursing nap right after lunch, but Elisha was having a mood and woke us all up. I tried later to have another short little rest, but the twins again decided that it would be a good time to nurse.

Just for the record: I was in the process of weaning them when they got sick. I nursed them on demand while they were sick and now I am working on gracefully weaning them again.

Dinner was finally on the stove and I decided that I had 15 minutes to walk, but I just needed to get up and do it. I took over the xBox in the livingroom and put on my new walking video from my sister (for my birthday). It is a harder mile, but I did it. Before I knew it, the walk was over and dinner was finished cooking. 

Some Facts:

  1. Fifteen minutes is not very long.
  2. It goes by quick.
  3. Walking for 15 minutes is fairly easy.
  4. It always feels harder when I am sitting thinking about walking than when I am actually doing it. Why is that? 
  5. There is always going to be something that seems more urgent in the moment, but THIS is important to me and I need to give it priority. Obviously if the "urgent" thing is an emergency like the one we had the other night, then that will take priority, but that is not what I am talking about. 

Sunday, June 19 (PM part two)

Jonah took all the kidlets upstairs to get ready for bed and I managed to get in one more walk in the living room. I used one of the Leslie Sansone DVD's that I have (I have 3) and chose a simple walk.

Normally, I sit for a few minutes after and let myself cool down a bit, but this time I rushed upstairs to nurse the babes for bed.

For some reason on the walk up my stairs, my back wasn't feeling quite right.

By the time I had finished nursing the twins, my back was screaming at me.

I took ibuprofen and iced it right away.

I had Jonah use the heat massager for a bit.

Then I crashed.

I didn't accomplish anything at all. I was in too much pain. 

Monday, June 20 (PM)

So, all night I tossed and turned in pain and managed to keep up the ibuprofen every 4 hours.

This morning I was not much better off than last night, but I continued the ice packs and meds.

I spent most of the morning in bed and every time I stood up my lower back was in extreme pain.

My mom brought over some acetaminophen so that I could alternate the meds.

I have learned that if I use ice and meds then I can usually get myself moving which helps to alleviate the pain.

I did NOT get a walk in this morning, but I am happy to report that my back is feeling much better and I was able to get in a walk tonight after the twins went to bed.

I didn't push very hard, but I still think I did very good considering how I felt last night when I went to bed.

There are NO EXCUSES!

I remember at one point when I was talking to Jonah today, I said, "This is why I am doing this, so I won't be in constant pain."

I have not told you yet, but up until everyone got the flu, I have hardly been taking any pain meds at all I have been feeling so good.

Let's pray I wake up feeling simply amazing tomorrow. 

Tuesday, June 21 (PM part one)

My back is feeling better today. 

I am really trying to walk earlier in the day, but I just don't have that all sorted out yet. My knees and my back were really hurting today, but I know that after a walk, I often feel better. Dinner was cooking on the stove and the kids were all occupied with activities. All the activities were happening in the living room where I wanted to walk. 

Excuses to Work Through

  • Fatigue
  • Knee and Back Pain
  • Room Full Of People (embarrassment, distraction) 

I walked one mile. I did it.

Note to self: Before dinner is actually a really good time to walk.

Let's find more good times to walk.

Tuesday, June 21 (PM part two)

I walked one more mile before I put the twins to bed. My knee has really been bothering me so I have not been as enthused as walking and I also have not been pushing myself super hard. I really want to do more, but I am limited by pain. I am pushing through the pain, but I am concerned about pushing "too hard" through the pain and causing a more serious injury or relapse to the progress I have made. 

I think what I need to work on is finding some other exercises that I can do as well as the walking. I have some ideas about this, but I am not going to write anything here until I have sorted those ideas out a bit more. 

Wednesday, June 22 (PM)

Daddy took the twins to the store to purchase a couple of cooked chickens for supper. I put the broccoli in the steamer, the rice on the stove, and made the salad. Then I got myself walking. It is so much easier to walk if there are NO DISTRACTIONS. It is easier to push through the pain. It is easier to focus (or zone out). It feels like the walk goes faster. 

My knee was really hurting tonight, so I did not do another walk before bed. I need to be more consistent with the pain meds to get a handle on the pain again so i can move more. Moving more will help decrease the pain (thus decreasing the need for meds). 

Week In Review

I have found that writing short snippets each night before bed (or after each walk) has really kept me more accountable (a shorter leash) with the walking. That way I don't lose days because I forgot to walk. I think I had a pretty decent week. I walked 11 miles this week (counting all of last Thursday to the end of Wednesday night). I had hoped to be closer to 14, but I think that is good considering all that was happening this week. 

My kids are noticing my subtle lifestyle changes. Hosanna asks me now if I am going to go for a walk. Then she comes and grabs my hand and pretends to walk with the video (so adorable). I am thinking more about what kind of an example I am to them in the things I am doing. I am doing hard things and it pushes them to do hard things too. What kind of example do I want to set (or am I setting) for them to follow after? 

Goals For This Week

  • Walk 1 mile 3 times per day (now to find good times for all the walks)
  • Continue with the water (think about a SIMPLE way to track it)
  • Continue with increasing veggies and fruit
  • Continue with colorful foods
  • Find additional exercises that are SAFE for me to do

Other Mama's Who Are Working On Their Health

What About You? 

  • What kind of example are you setting (or do you want to set) for your children?
  • What is your story? (Are you blogging about it? Leave a link)
  • What are your goals this week? 
  • What changes are you making to improve your health?
  • What changes would you like to make if you aren't already making them?
  • What motivates you? 

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