My Dancing Princess

Craft supplies are scattered around my room as I prepare handmade gifts for family and friends. I need a craft cabinet, but that is another post.

One day Hosanna got into my box of embroidery hoops and was waving them around and dancing like a princess. Read number four on this list of 15 Things I Was Saving For Someday to learn more about my box of embroidery hoops.


It gave me an idea. I got out my ribbon and wrapping box and looked for some pretty ribbons.


I took the embroidery hoops apart and I tied the ribbons on to the pieces without the metal screws.


Now Hosanna has dancing ribbons.

hosanna with hoops

hosanna with hoops

And I have a dancing princess.

hosanna dancing

hosanna dancing

Hosanna jumped on the bed and twirled and whirled and threw the hoops in the air.

jumping on the bed

jumping on the bed

throwing the hoop

I love these impromptu moments of bonding with the kids. I just wish that I had my camera close by more often so that I could capture them all.

What impromptu moments have you had with your kids recently? 

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