Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan MondayThis is our first week back to our homeschool after two lazy (but busy) weeks off. I need to keep the meals simple so we can focus on our book work and get out in the yard and get the garden ready for planting.

I am only planning the main meals this week because we have leftovers in the freezer that need to be consumed. These are not in any particular order. I am feeling a wee bit non committal and want to be prepared for whatever surprises the week brings.

  • Beef and Broccoli with Rice
  • Hamburgers and Fries
  • Pirogies, Bacon, and Peas
  • Spaghetti and Side Veggies
  • BBQ Chicken with Rice and Veggie Side Dish
  • Daddy’s Homemade Pizza

I am linking up with Menu Plan Monday. Take a moment to visit if you need some inspiration. You can also visit the Menu Planning Resources page for a wealth of ideas.