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google plus

First Impressions

I was invited to Google + by my friend Jenn and my husband (Jonah).

I was hesitant at first because every time I log into one thing on Google I get logged out of something else, but I finally bit the bullet. I signed up and decided to check it out.

At first it seemed very confusing and I wondered if it would just be one more place. One more place to suck my time. One more place to have to post my content.

but let me tell you…

I am really enjoying it. I am enjoying it more than facebook, and dare I say, more than twitter.

Here are the reasons why I like Google+ : 

  1. It seems more professional than facebook and more personal than twitter.
  2. You can chat with people who you might not be able to on facebook or twitter.
  3. You can put people in different circles and read that stream by itself without having to filter through everything.
  4. You are not bombarded with games and apps like on facebook (so far).
  5. You have access to a huge number of new people to put your content in front of.
  6. You can see who is following who and who is connected to who (you can do this in facebook and twitter too, but it seems easier in Google+).

When I first signed up, I hated it, but I felt the same way about WordPress and Twitter when I first started using those. I think each social network (facebook, twitter, Google+) has its place. For marketing and connecting though, Google+ has the potential to be really good.

Making The Experience Easier

I came across a post on Google+ that talked about adding an extension (plugin) to Google Chrome that would give you a share button and a reply to user button on Google+. I installed it and checked it out. It has made my experience easier.

The tutorial on how to add in the plugin to your Google Chrome is coming soon.

In the mean time, here is the link to the share plugin for Google+.

Making It Relevant

I didn’t want Google+ just to be one more thing, I wanted to use it to connect with other homeschoolers and mama bloggers that may be outside my normal circle. In short, I wanted to make it work for me.

I tried the search option on Google+ and it just sent me to links of homeschooling articles (blogs, websites, etc) when what I was really wanting to find were other Google+ users that homeschooled.

I was very excited to discover the Google Plus Search site. I searched homeschooling and up came a list of Google+ users who were discussing homeschooling (yippee!). Then I found this amazing list of homeschoolers and this amazing list of homeschoolers on Google+. I created a homeschooling circle and I added all the wonderful homeschooling mamas and papas to the list.

Now, on to the mingling. Won’t you join me? 

Have you tried Google+ yet? What do you think so far? 

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