Making Learning Relevant and an Earthquake

We were sitting around the living room eating our brunch this morning when we felt a long rumble and the floor shaking. Initially we thought it was a car with their music blaring or a big truck at the nearby intersection because those things  make our floors shake too.

Within 20 minutes I got a notice through my email from the local newspaper that we had indeed had an earthquake. Then I went on to check other respected resources for details.

The plans for the afternoon went out the window and we turned our attention to discussions of earthquakes and then earthquake preparedness.

Our science for next week has also been adjusted. We were going to study Our Planet Earth later in the year, but we are going to fast track that and study the unit on Mountains and Movements over the next week or two. 
our planet earth
mountains and movementI am learning to be flexible when plans don’t go as I wanted them to. I really want learning to be relevant to my children and the only way to do that is to seize the moment.
What do you do when learning doesn’t happen as you planned? 

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