Life As We Know It

There is never a dull moment around our house.

1.) We have now officially received all the things on our special needs order. They trickled in over the last few weeks. I am finally feeling more organized having all of our materials here.

2.) We bought a wonderful box shelf with fabric boxes. It is now home to the toys in the living room. (We are still working on getting everyone to put all the toys away!).

3.) Elisha jumped on his bed and a spring popped through and punctured the pad of his foot. Daddy swapped Elisha’s queen bed for a double so he wouldn’t have to sleep with a spring poking through. He also moved a bookshelf out and a desk and floor globe in.

4.) Our neighbors moved and gifted us with a coffee table, 7 garbage bags of clothing, a flat screen computer monitor, and other miscellaneous stuff. Don’t worry, I went through it all RIGHT AWAY and purged stuff just as quickly as it came in and my mom passed the bags along to my sister and then carted them to the thrift store.

5.) Hosanna poked Moses in the eye with a light saber. After two days of pain and tears and lots of prayers his eye is finally looking better. I did closely look at his eye several times and there was nothing obviously wrong with it, except for a little redness, but now that is gone too.

6.) The twins have drippy noses and little coughs. They are totally miserable and up and down round the clock right now which makes for lack of sleep for mama. Hopefully the rest of the family will stay healthy.

7.) Homeschool is fun this year. We have mummified apples, made fossils and have many other fun things on the agenda. You can read what we are using in Curriculum 2011.

8.) My aunt was taking a road trip to visit a friend and decided to come for a surprise visit. She got in late last night and then Hosanna stayed up until 12:30am.

9.) I snagged some fabulous articles of clothing from the neighbours that moved (remember the 7 garbage bags of clothing?) that inspired my creativity and were just screaming to be modified into other things. So, I sorted, purged, and organized ALL of my fabric into clothes for Hosanna, bedroom decorating, and costumes for the kids (as a group gift for Christmas). I also got rid of all the fabric that I didn’t like or didn’t fit those three uses (a huge garbage bag full!).

10.) I had a visit with my friend Deana this week and she blessed me with TONS of beautiful (and soft) yarns. I gathered and purged all of my miscellaneous yarns and even crocheted another bag for my friend Jenn (she asked me forever ago to make one). I am newly inspired to be creative and I have lots of ideas for fun projects over the fall and winter.

So, I am just curious what is happening in your neck of the woods? 

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