Late Night Ponderings

I tried to work tonight, but ended up choosing to go to bed early because I was falling asleep mid thought (hey, midnight is early for me). I slept for 3 beautiful hours and woke up, wide awake, thinking about the menu plan and grocery list that I was supposed to write before I went to sleep. I have been putting this thing off for days as we have been very busy lately.

Getting inspiration at night seems to be a new thing for me. While I am all for inspiration, I would really prefer it to come and visit me during the day. My guess is that the day is too busy and my mind is otherwise occupied when inspiration tries to knock on the door.

Last night just as I was going to sleep, I got this inspiration for an amazing game, which I just had to get up and make. It only took me and hour to get the idea out in my graphics program and then I was able to sleep more soundly. Well, as soundly as a mama with twins crawling into bed to nurse just as you are falling asleep can. Don’t worry, I will be sharing about the game soon. I just have to put the finishing touches on it.

So, what do you do when you wake at night and can’t sleep? Do you close your eyes and try not to think while you talk yourself back to sleep? Do you get up and work?

Tonight, I am going to figure out my menu plan and grocery list, so I can go back to sleep.

Sleep well.

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