My husband told me there were some amazing icicles outside after the big snowfall that we had this week. I asked him to go take pictures of them. He took some awesome pictures and I cropped them and tweaked them in my photo program.


I love this photo (above) because the icicle looks like it is hanging in the air all by itself. He said it was hanging by a thread (or spider’s web).


The icicles were so beautiful.


And some of them were very long. This wasn’t even the longest one out there.

What is the weather like in your neighbourhood?


2 thoughts on “Icicles”

    1. Hi Heather,

      At first, I thought the icicle had broken off when he took the picture, but then it was like that in another picture. We had a freak snow fall. Normally I can wear sandals with no socks all year round.

      I read your site in my emails everyday. I love it.


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