I Finally Ordered My Curriculum


I went to bed early last night and was wide awake at 4:30am this morning. I tried to go back to sleep, but it just wasn’t happening. I had my homeschool planning and curriculum ordering on my mind.

I got up and decided to push through finalizing my homeschool plans for this coming year. I would have been happy to simply get that finished, but everyone kept sleeping, so I was able to actually sort out the 3 different orders that I had to place. I am happy to report that I have successfully ordered all of my regular curriclum for this year. Now, I still have to finish the special needs order, but that can wait for another day.

Okay, so I bet you are dying to know what I ordered? Even if you aren’t, I am really excited to share.

You can check out my Curriculum 2011 page because I updated it with everything that I actually plan on using for this year. That list is no longer a wish list, but a visual planning list to help me map out the rest of the year.

I have come up with a really fun plan for our homeschool days that I really think is going to be a nice change for our family.

I am envisioning the day starting (8-11ish) with group discussions and munchies as we work our way through Bible, Social Studies, and Science. This time would also include videos and various other projects for those subjects, but the focus will be the discussions. Inspired learning at it’s best.

During this time, the twins will be in the same room with us, hopefully playing quietly with special toys that are only brought out for this time.

Then we take a short break for lunch (around 11-12ish) and some one on one time with the twins.

The afternoon (12-3ish) will be a rotation of Math/Typing and Language Arts (Phonics/Spelling, Grammar, or Writing). Each child will get time to do Math/Typing on the computer, while another child works we me on Language Arts, and another child plays with the twins. I will be writing out a schedule for this, but I haven’t yet.

Next (around 3) on the agenda is a nap for the twins if they need it, dinner in the oven (unless it was put in the crockpot earlier), free play for the kids, and work for me.

This year’s schedule greatly decreases my workload and will hopefully make our day run a wee bit smoother. This is just a rough idea of our day. I will be writing out a more “formal” plan to put up on the wall for all the kidlets to see.

You can download a pdf version of this View on Store.

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