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our daily scheduleWith the last of the summer birthday parties just around the corner, my thoughts are drifting more and more to our upcoming homeschool year. I am really excited. I have been keeping most of the school plans under wraps so I have no idea how the kids are going to react to the major changes.

Group Work To Start The Day

The morning will consist of group discussions, yummy snacks (aka breakfast), and fun projects. We will be starting the day with Bible, moving on to History and Geography and then finishing with Science.

I will have independent activities planned for the twins to do quietly in the same room while we are working, but our group discussions won’t be so formal that the twins can’t participate.  (I still need to plan out the independent activities).

We will take a break for lunch, I will have some one on one time with the twins, and then we will move on to our individual studies.

Independent Studies After Lunch

Elisha will be doing Math and Typing on the computer (in the kitchen), while Malachi does his Language Arts (phonics, spelling, grammar, and creative writing) with me, and Moses does activities with the twins.

Next up will be Malachi who will do his Math and Typing on the computer (in the kitchen), while Moses does his Language Arts (Spelling, Grammar, and Creative Writing) with me and Elisha does activities with the twins.

Finishing off the afternoon will be Moses who will do his Math and Typing on the computer (in the kitchen), while Elisha does his Grammar and Creative Writing with me, and Malachi does activities with the twins.

I still have to plan (make or gather) all the activities for the big boys to do with the twins, but this whole planning thing is a work in progress.

Carving Out Time For Work

Hopefully by the time we reach this point in our day everyone will be ready for some free play or a nice quiet movie (the twins). I have slated these two hours before dinner to be work time for mama. This can only work if the twins have been sufficiently worn out and are ready to occupy themselves AND I have put dinner in the crock pot at breakfast time.

Dinner and Bedtime

If all goes well, the dinner in the crockpot will cook itself and I will just have make a salad or some veggies and then serve it. Then we will clean up from dinner and move right into our bedtime routine and get all settled in to read a novel.

Reasons For The Changes

There are a few reasons for the big changes this year.

  1. We wanted Bible to be the first thing we did everyday.
  2. We wanted group work to happen in the morning because it tends to be more discussion based and less formal than math and language arts.
  3. I am not a morning person and thinking about math or grammar before lunch (or possibly before coffee) is enough to make my head spin.
  4. We want to have fun in every school day. We wanted less of the school day to be focused on workbooks and textbooks and more to be focused on learning in a fun way.
  5. Doing bible in the mornings frees up our bedtimes for novel/story reading again.
  6. If we use our new crockpot (which my mom bought my hubby for his birthday) then I can free up my late afternoons from preparing dinner and use this time to work on graphic design or other blogging work.
  7. The twins are working out of their nursing and their napping so we don’t need to work around them as much as we used to.
  8. This new schedule allows me time to work with the twins right after lunch (while the big kids clean up from lunch).
  9. This gives the twins time with each of the big boys. I am planning to have special activities available for the twins to do with each of the boys during this time. My goals is to have activities that the older boys really enjoy or things they can teach the twins so it is a learning time for them too.
  10. We had to adjust our schedule, from last year, because it just wasn’t working. Now we can do a full day schedule Monday to Wednesday and every other Friday. On Tuesday mornings Elisha is taking courses from Founders Academy so he will miss our group discussions. On Thursdays my friend Jenn visits in the morning (with her two boys, aka playdate for the twins) and Elisha is gone all day helping at a community dinner. Now the younger boys can still do school on Thursday afternoons. We have OT and Teacher visits every other Friday and the afternoon work can fit in between those visits and then we can have a regular day on the other Fridays. We were always having to rearrange our days or miss entire days when things came up and now we can just work around them. I think this is the best part. I am really excited about this new schedule.

If you want to see what materials we chose for this year, you can visit our Curriculum 2011 page.

In case anyone is curious, we don’t start our new school year until September 6th, 2011.

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Before you leave, please tell me what your new schedule looks like?

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