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Homeschool Mothers JournalIn my life this week…

  • I have big news! I am the proud new owner of Connections Network. If you are looking to connect with other bloggers, come on over and check it out.
  • I had my weekly visit with my friend Jenn and her two little boys
  • I had a visit with another friend from my past this week. Deana has 4 adorable girls

In our summer school this week…

  • the older boys went to the IMAX (Rescue: Disaster Response) with grandma
  • all the kids went for a long trail walk with daddy
  • the OT came for her bi-weekly appointment with Elisha and hung out with me for an extra hour for our planning meeting.

My favorite things this week were…

  • Jonah putting up the new curtain rods. I have fabric and plans to make curtains for the kitchen. It’s pretty white with blue flowers.
  • finally opening the box that housed my new sewing machine, taking out the sewing machine and actually having a look at it. That’s as far as I got with it. I got the sewing machine for my birthday in MAY from my mama. I love having my own sewing machine, now I just have to get over the fear of using it (or breaking it).

Things I’m working on…

  • I have two acrylic paintings in progress.
  • I have one crocheted purse finished and one almost finished. These are for a friend, but I hope to make some for our Etsy store. Don’t hold me to it though, because it might not happen.
  • We are making over the kitchen. That is a whole post in itself, but we are making great progress and I am really excited.

Planning (lot’s of school related planning going on for next year)

  • planning Elisha’s IEP
  • planning Elisha’s special needs order
  • and refining my regular curricula order and actually placing it
  • basic school supply list for when the sales start

I am linking up with The Homeschool Mother’s Journal this week.

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