Happy Birthday Jonah!


It is my husband’s birthday today!

I won’t tell you how old he is, but I will tell you that he is younger than me.


Here are a few things that I love about my hubby:

  • he is a very hard worker
  • he is creative
  • he has a very fun quirky side
  • he is a techie geek and can solve all my tech problems
  • he is a good daddy
  • he loves his children
  • he loves me
  • he is patient
  • he thinks outside the box
  • he has learned how to cook
  • he is handy (and I need to buy him more tools)
  • he inspires me
  • he encourages me
  • he is handsome
  • he is getting better with age

Okay, that list could just go on and on.

Happy Birthday Jonah!
(PS – I love you!)

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