Decoration Making Day – A New Tradition

We had our very first, official, Decoration Making Day. It was a blast. All the kids loved it. We need to do it at least one more time before Christmas is officially here, but I am up for a few more if the kids are.

What is Decoration Making Day?

It is a day set aside for creating decorations. I had a rough idea of the things that each of the children could make (based on their skill level and abilities) and I tried to steer them towards activities where they would achieve some level of success and accomplishment. It was a complete success.

Each of the children came into my bedroom to work on their own projects with me, one on one. We shut out the rest of our little world and we set to work. We took our time and the day passed so quickly.

(Please pardon the pictures as most of them were taken at night under very low light conditions.)

Painting And Sewing (loosely inspired by this)

Hosanna was adamant that she wanted to paint. So she painted black card stock with beautiful gold (princess) paint. She was thrilled with her painting.

After she painted, I punched holes for the word love and the stitching around the outside. I am happy with how the word turned out, but less than impressed with the stitching around the outside. Thankfully, Hosanna painted tons of little cards (she was on a roll), so I can do more experimenting and come up with some fun gift cards or ornaments.

The card stock paper came from old picture frame bits and pieces that came from a friend. I purged all the frames that I wasn’t going to use, but I kept all the corrugated cardboard and other little bits that might prove useful (and they did).

Sewing With Ribbon And Beads (loosely inspired by this)

Zion decided he wanted to learn to sew, so we worked together and created this fun masterpiece. It was fairly easy (working together). He put the beads on and I pushed the needle (it was pretty dull) through the ribbon. This was fun and we would definitely do it again.

The ribbon came from a friend who was purging her supply, the beads came from freecycle last year, and the thread came from my friend who has provided and endless supply of crochet cotton.

We also started another project with paint and glue, but I don’t have any pictures of that yet.

Painting And Gluing (loosely inspired by this)

Malachi was very excited to start our painting and gluing project. Our project is NOT finished yet. We still have to add more gold paint to the back and the sides and some glitter around the letters to make them stand out more.

This was a fairly simple project and it is turning out very beautifully. This project does require adult supervision.

  • We used foam core board, cut to the size that we desired.
  • We punched holes with a hole punch.
  • We glued on scrapbooking paper.
  • We poked through the holes again.
  • Then we cut out the letters to make the word that we wanted
  • We glued on the letters.
  • Then we painted with gold paint.
  • Then we tied it together with ric rac.

The foam core came from someone on freecycle who was getting rid of art supplies. The paint came from a friend who was clearing out her grandmother’s things. The ric rac came from a bin of stuff that was given to me by someone who picked up a huge lot of sewing things at a garage sale.

Learning To Embroider (loosely inspired by this)

Moses decided that he wanted to learn to sew. He did an amazing job. He worked through all the knots and tangles and came through with a new found respect for sewing (he says it is harder than it looks).

This is a linen/burlap type fabric in a simple embroidery hoop. While the embroidering is complete, we have not decided yet what we are going to do with this project and how we are going to finish it.

The linen was in my fabric stash and I don’t remember where it came from. The embroidery hoop came (along with over 100 others) from the mother of a homeschool mother who was clearing out her stock.

Hoop art (loosely inspired by this)

I have been inspired by the hoop art on Pinterest and Etsy recently and I wanted to try my hand at creating some myself. Let me tell you, this project hurt my fingers and caused me no end of stress. I am not even sure I like the end result, but I did it. I took a chance and tried something new and that was the whole point.

The fabric came from a variety of sources, but it was all free. The embroidery hoops came (along with over 100 others) from the mother of a homeschool mother who was clearing out her stock.

Cardboard Star (inspired by this)

I made this star. It was very easy to make and I am very happy with how it turned out. The cardboard was reclaimed from a broken picture frame and the pretty scrapbooking paper came from a package that I got last year on sale.

I am so excited with our new tradition. I also learned something very important. There are not enough hours in the day to make everything you see on Pinterest.

* We ran out of time before getting to Elisha. He will be first on our next Decoration Making Day.

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