Buying and Selling Homeschool Materials

This blog post was inspired by Dawn’s post about wanting to rent curriculum. If you are looking to rent curriculum, make sure you read the WHOLE list because I just might have found a solution for you.

Here are some of my favorite places to window shop for homeschool goodies and a few new ones that I found while researching for this post.

1. Homeschool Buy and Sell

This is my very own yahoo group that I have been running since 2002.

2. Vegsource

I have always liked looking at Vegsource. It is a great source for materials, but you need to be quick.

3. Homeschool Classifieds

This site has a large collection of classified ads and is worth a look.

4. Hip Homeschool Moms Homeschool Classifieds

Support other homeschooling mamas by purchasing their used curriculum from the classifieds on Hip Homeschool Moms.

5. eBay

Have a look at eBay. I often forget about eBay since I have fallen in love with Etsy, but it is great for used homeschool materials.

6. Used Homeschool Books

This site sells used curriculum, but they will also buy it from you. I will definitely be looking at this site as I clear off my shelves of used materials.

7. Used Homeschool Books 

This is a very active yahoo group where you can buy and sell used homeschool materials.

8. Homeschool Used Books

This is fairly active yahoo group where you can buy and sell used homeschool books.

9. Homeschool Recyclers

This is another yahoo group where you can buy and sell used homeschool related materials.

10. Used Homeschooling Curriculum

On this yahoo group you can buy, sell, trade, or donate used curriculum.

11. The Homeschool Mom Used Curriculum

Here is another active yahoo group for buying and selling used homeschool materials.

12. Homeschool Book Swap

This yahoo group is for giving away used homeschool curriculum.

And the listing you have all been waiting for….

13. Homeschool Book Renter

There is actually a website that rents homeschool curriculum. Have fun checking it out.

A late addition to the list…

14. The Book Samaritan

The Book Samaritan is a non-profit organization that sends homeschooling textbooks, materials and supplies to families in need.

15. Homeschool Swap: Canada

This is a facebook group where you can buy and sell your homeschool materials. It is specific to Canada.

Where do you buy your homeschool materials? Do you buy new or scout out used resources?

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