As If We Didn’t Have Enough Excitement Already…

Everyone was lounging around the living room tonight when Moses (9) comes up to us and says, "I swallowed a metal ball. I didn't mean to. Am I going to die?"

Of course, the mama in me goes into a slight panic.

I called my mama.

And then I head to Google. Google gives me weird results, so I head to Bing.

I read through some stories and realized things might not be as bad as they first seemed.

I phoned our doctor to see if there was a number for a doctor on call. I wrote down the number on call and then I called it. Out of service. I called the doctor back to see if I copied the on call number down correctly. Right number, still out of service. UGH.

I looked up the number for the BC Nurse Health Line and then I called them. Just in case you ever need the number, if you live in BC, you can call 811 to speak with a nurse.

I got to speak with a nurse on the phone who went through a triage type Q & A with Moses and me.

Turns out we don't have to rush to emergency tonight, which makes me really happy because I still have a houseful of kids getting over the flu, but now we have the pleasure of combing through stools (aka poop) for the next week while we watch for the metal ball to come out. Oh happy, happy, joy, joy.

I have no shortage of other things that need doing tonight like getting kids to bed, preparing portfolio write-ups, and catching up on graphic design work, but there is always time for a fun little family emergency.

And just in case your kids ever swallow little metal balls by accident or for fun, here is handy little page for you.

How was your night?

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