10 Things We Love About Our New Kitty

First I want to tell you all the things we love about our new kitty and then I need your help.

1) We love to hold kitty. All 7 of us. All the time. Note to self – take pictures of the other family members holding kitty.

2) We love to pose kitty for pictures.

3) We love that kitty will purr loudly and lick us when she is happy.

4) We love the way kitty reacts to the flash of the camera.

5) We love kitty’s cranky face, but not her cranky moods when the kids won’t stop loving her. This look means, “I want a nap.” Don’t you just love that expression?

6) We love how kitty likes to keep herself clean.

7) We love how kitty is VERY patient and tolerant of Hosanna and her abundance of love.

8) We love how kitty will sit with us while we just hang out.

9) We love how kitty plays.

10) But most of all we love how tolerant and patient kitty is of all of Hosanna’s love.

This kitty was hand picked for us. God knew what we needed. I am reminded of the kitty that I had when I was very little. She didn’t look like this, but she was tolerant and full of love.

Okay, two more photos that I couldn’t resist. Look at Hosanna’s  face. She loves the kitty so much. She came in carrying the kitty and we couldn’t resist getting a picture.

And of course like sister, like brother…

In walks Zion wanting wanting his picture taken too.

Kitty is a wonderful addition to our homeschooling family.

We love her.

Now, if only I could get a chance to hold her…

Oh and while we are talking about kitty… she needs a name. Will you help give us some ideas? We need to tackle the task of naming her as soon as possible.

We have three names on the table, but we are open to other suggestions. (Please!)

  1. Holly (because it is Christmas time)
  2. Arm Pits and Bum (we have to keep reminding everyone how to hold her)
  3. Bizzy Bizzy Boo (a suggestion from the twins)

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