Your Best Shot

I had a hard time choosing a photo for my first time joining LENS Photo Challenge and then I remembered this photo.

I was taking snow pictures of the kids outside and neither my husband or myself took this picture that day. I discovered it when I was looking through the pictures of the kids in the snow. You can look at those pictures here and here if you like.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this unusual photo.

5 thoughts on “Your Best Shot”

  1. That is definitely a fun crazy “where’d you come from” picture. Upon first looking at it I almost thought it was a side profile of a young girl with black hair wearing a headband. As I looked at it longer though I could see a little boy in a blue coat off in the distance on the lefthand side. Accidental pictures… crazy or not… are sometimes the best ones. Knowing you guys were having fun in the snow makes it all more fun. :) It sounds like you were having a blast!

  2. wow, to me- the first thing I saw were angel wings. It looks like a huge angel looking out the window…really a neat shot! -am I the only one that thinks this? I’m so glad you entered the challenge and shared this with us!

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