Worm Knots

I have always wanted to have a worm bin. Do you know what a worm bin is? If you scroll down on that page I just linked to, you can read the description about it.

When we were doing our garden reorganization, I sifted through the dirt in the large planter pots on the deck as well (sorry, no pictures). At the bottom of the pots we had placed some guinea pig and rabbit bedding and poop, and covered the rest with dirt. We found some interesting surprises in the pots, including several clumps of knotted up worms.

The boys were excited to discover the knotted up worms and their squeals of delight were  music to the ears. You can see some of the worms here.

Now, I don’t know anything about worm identification, but some of these worms were longer than six inches and quite fat and juicy (not that I tried them or anything!). We made sure all the worms made it into the vegetable garden to help improve the quality of the soil.

I had been wanting to purchase a worm bin for a few years now, but we inadvertently created our own. I think we still might go ahead and get one (or two, or three) because with seven people in the house there is a lot of veggie scraps (that don’t get fed to the guinea pig and the bunny) that could go into a worm bin.

This is homeschooling at it’s best. I love it when learning happens even when we haven’t planned it and are just going about our day.

What do you think?

Do you compost?

Have you ever had a worm bin?

What unplanned learning has happened at your house lately?

6 thoughts on “Worm Knots”

  1. Okay, I know worm bins are great and everything, but that’s kinda gross. :) Actually I’ve toyed with the idea of a worm bin, but my husband just won’t go for it. Have fun with your critters!

    1. Hi Dawn,

      You are so missing out not having a worm bin. LOL. Okay, I don’t know what I am talking about because I don’t have one yet either. I will hopefully be doing that sometime soon.


  2. I compost but I hate it so I only do it half-hearted. why do I hate it? Because it smells and there are too many flies. Bah. But I do it because I think I should. Don’t think I’d ever go for a worm bin though if only because I’m not a big fan of worms :( However, I think I might have to get more used to bugs because the older bambino gets the more intrigued he becomes with them :)

    1. Hi Jenn,

      I think bugs and boys go hand in hand. You might want to consider getting more used to bugs and worms and such.

      Hosanna does love worms. She carts them around and even brings them into the house.

      I will be getting a worm bing (one of these years).


  3. I have researched worm bins before and …. yes, I want one. If I remember right, there are special worms that can really munch through your scraps.

    1. Hi,

      I believe they are called, “Red Wiggler Worms.” The only hesitation that we have had is that the bin needs to be brought inside during the winter (from about November to March). Just one more hands on way to learn.


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