When School is Going Well…

I love it when a day goes well.

I don’t know if you remember me blogging about My Homeschool Binder in a previous post?

Yes, I do still plan to add some pictures. I did take the pictures… now I just need to remember to download them from the camera and upload them to the website. Now, where is the camera?

Anyways… my homeschool binder is working well. Okay, we are all loving it and the organization and simplicity that it brings to our homeschooling adventure. We are taking a short break from workboxes and will add them in again soon. For now, school is going well. I feel much more connected to my kids and I am really enjoying the one on one time with them.

I have finally figured some things out.  I work with each child individually for about 1 to 2 hours (depending on the day and the work to be done by the children). We do our Math and Language Arts one on one. This is working out very well. I rotate through the kids and we work around meals, the twins naps, housework, and life. We also do our Bible reading at breakfast, our History and Science readings at Lunch, and our Read Alouds at bedtime. This system is working really well for us.

Today was a smooth day. Everyone worked really hard and we got a ton of work done. We have a very busy week this week (with many appointments outside of the home), so we need to be really diligent in getting our work done when we can. I am trying to push the children a bit harder to stretch them and grow them into doing more advanced or in some cases, just more work. I hope every day this week is as productive as today was.

I would love it if you would take a moment to share about something that is going well in your homeschool.

2 thoughts on “When School is Going Well…”

  1. We have just started workboxes…how we found you blog:) They are going SUPER! I can’t believe how much we get done in such little time. I kind of sit back and go…wait there must be something we’ve missed! LOL! I have a bunch of other stuff I just posted on my blog…but so far workboxes are really working! Can’t wait to explore your blog…looks great so far!

  2. I am planning our lessons in two week blocks. For example, we study the same book for two weeks, etc. I know we won’t cover as much stuff as others – but I feel like we are getting much better quality by lingering instead of trying to rush through something new every day/week.

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