What I Really Want

Today has been long and we have reached that after dinner crazy hour as opposed to the before dinner crazy hour.

The kids are hyper and getting tired. All they want to do is engage in wild play with each other when mama really wants them to be getting ready for bed. Okay, I will be honest. I am tired. I want them to settle and rest because I want to have some quiet time to process some thoughts rolling around in this pretty little head of mine (I really actually have a big head, but please let me enjoy this moment).

The kids are burning off their last few bursts of energy. In a few moments I will be heading upstairs to say prayers and good nights.

After the big boys are settled, I will nurse the twins and chat with my wonderful hubby. All the while the twins quietly suckle and wiggle and squirm until they finally give in and succumb to rest (this is no easy feat I tell you). I love this time of chatting with my hubby, except when we both fall asleep, exhausted, in mid sentence.

What I Really Want is to make it to this time, and beyond, without passing out (we’ll see how things go tonight) because I have been thinking about the Relevant Conference that I DID NOT GO TO. I have been pondering the tweets, the posts, the everythings (yes, I know that is not a word) that I have seen around the web. I want to process it all and I can’t with life and noise and clutter swirling in my head. I need to have some quiet time to reset. Our house has been anything but quiet for the last ten years (we are loud folk). To be honest, the only thing quiet in our house is our fish tank and even then… it gurgles.

I didn’t make it to Relevant, but I want to take the opportunity to experience the life changing difference that it has made in so many women’s lives.

Tonight, I have work to do, but I am stepping away to spend some time with my hubby and my heavenly Father. I have some deep thinking, processing, and praying to do.

I will see you soon. I promise.

3 thoughts on “What I Really Want”

  1. Honey, Love your honesty and your priorities. As moms, we are always busy yet making time to spend with our husband and with our Creator is vital. Sometimes in those quiet times, we get the most accomplished.

    I am also a mom of twins and cherish the memories of nursing them and just thanking God for the blessings in my life. Enjoy your family. Enjoy the quiet when you find it. I’m enjoying your blog.

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